Monthly Archives: April 2010

The Road to Entropy

Disclaimer: Knowledge is limiting. Knowledge is static. Understanding is limitless. Understanding is fluid. I lay no claim to knowledge. I do lay claim to understanding. The primary weakness of the following is that it is written with words. Words lie in the realm of knowledge. They often try to shape the shapeless; define that which ... Read More

The mystery of the ever changing language

It is an interesting process watching how the meaning of words can change before your eyes.  We live in a “what’s in it for me?” society, and somehow this causes some seemingly solid words to become insubstantial and malleable.  They no longer are able to hold onto their intended meanings, until over time the meaning actually changes.  For instance, the ... Read More

Time dilation

Having a background in physics, the concepts related to relativity actually make sense to me.  But two elements that truly effect time (which after all is a man made invention) are perception and mood.  Neither of these manage to make it into the mathematical formulas, but these two elements actually cause the most recognizable forms ... Read More

Steve's Bachelor Kitchen

Ready made dessert: Step 1: Obtain suitable tupperware. Step 2: Go to the nearest Registry of Motor Vehicles. Step 3: Scoop up any wandering jello puddles. If none are immediately available, just wait patiently. Step 4: Chill before serving. “Huh?!” you wisely say. _____________________ A man walks into the Registry. Behind the desk is a ... Read More

Some Holiday Cheer

T’was the first night of Chanukah And all through the house, Every creature was stirring Not only the mouse. The menorah was all ready, The candles (only two) all set, The blessings a started… Oh you meshuga! You forgot the matches to get! The kids come running Expecting many a box. The older folks sit ... Read More


Once, I knew how to dream. I sit on the sidewalk. The full moon rises in a clear night sky. A breeze blows through the thick grass. The sounds of night are all around. What do I see? A bright light in the sky. What do I hear? A bunch of insects. What do I ... Read More

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time in a faraway land … No! Wait a second. They all start like that. Let’s start again. This is a story. It is happening now. There are no princes or princesses. There is just this ordinary, everyday guy. This guy works at an ordinary, everyday job. Once a week he goes ... Read More

The River

Splash! The canoe enters the water from a steep slope. Immediately the current catches it. The rider attempts to gain control. For some the task is easy. For others the current may be too strong. The river sweeps the canoe on. Many shores are passed; some beautiful beyond description, some bleak and ugly, but most ... Read More