Monthly Archives: May 2010

The beginning of a legend…

Rayson’s birth day set the path. It was not that he was born under a certain star.  Or that great omen’s happened when he arrived.  There was nothing unusual about his actual entrance into the world.  His mother went through the regular pain of childbirth, but was none the worse for wear afterward.  His father reacted as ... Read More


Darkness. A spark. The spark grows. But it is alone. Time passes. The spark grows brighter. Suddenly an explosion of light!  Not alone any more… The spark sees other sparks…some more than sparks.  Flames. Some sparks and flames feed the spark enabling it to grow more. Others seem to try to draw from the spark. ... Read More

A gift…

I again offer the gift of the open hand.  I have neither the power nor the place to offer anything.  But maybe the universe will choose to use me as a conduit. So whatever you perceive in this open hand is yours for the taking. If it makes your moment, or your day, or even your life ... Read More