Monthly Archives: August 2010

Word Magic

Whatever you do, don’t think about PINK ELEPHANTS. What is the difference between living IN the moment and living FOR the moment? What IS the MOMENT? I love you. I LOVE you.  I love YOU. Look or SEE. Hear or LISTEN. Touch or FEEL. Know or UNDERSTAND? Think.  THINK! What color is that elephant? MAGIC!

So you want to change the world?

Any world changing act created by humans started with an idea. So let me present you with an idea.  It is not an original idea.  It has been around for thousands of years, yet somehow humanity as a whole manages to ignore it.  I make no claim to special wisdom because I value this idea, and even ... Read More

The High Tech Zoo

The scream of the pocket beastie startled me awake. I lay for a bit, letting my eyes focus.  I then communed with the fruit bat to see what information it was willing to share.  I forced myself out of bed, and headed downstairs for a bit o’ food.  Stuck some in the mouth of the ... Read More