Monthly Archives: March 2011

April Fool's Day Eve

Every significant world acknowledged holiday has its mascots. For example: Christmas: Santa, Frosty, Rudolph … to name the first few that pop into my mind. And oh yeah that Jesus fella (I apologize to any that this offends, but I could not resist). Easter: da bunny. St Patty’s Day: leprechauns. Valentine’s Day: Cupid. Halloween: Jack ... Read More

Think for yourself

When I was in college, I attended several very important discussions brought on by recent disturbing events at the school. The discussions were lead by the deans, and had their selection of “experts”. The subject was date rape. At the time a fairly new concept, one not easily defined and considering the subject matter and ... Read More

A photo site too! Yeah me!!

I don’t know what exactly happened in the last few days. Could be something I ate. But it seems I am in uber creation mode. Not only did I start another blog despite the dubious readership of this one, I also have now begun creating another site dedicated to my photography. And to make it really cool ... Read More

Rough morning

Get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Considering that my bed is mostly surrounded by walls, this is not an auspicious way to start the day. Recover from the resounding whack my head just received. Stagger to my feet and open the door. Start down the steps (did ... Read More

A challenge has been offered…

So my sister, the newly awakened master blogger in the making (creator of the renowned Woman Wielding Words and the developing Writing Practice: Perfecting Prose and Poetry), challenged me, a mere novice in the blogging world, to a blogging challenge. I have entered the A to Z Blogging Challenge, which is a true challenge for me in several ways. For one, ... Read More