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Today is Memorial Day. At least in the US. As the very name of the day indicates, it is a day for remembering people. Remembering those that have died. Especially those that have died in the cause of creating our history; our present. So I have a question. Why do we choose to only remember the soldiers? Is it only noble and honorable to ... Read More

So… are fairies real? (via A Girl Called Pete)

Ours is a wide and fascinating world. Much in it crosses the boundaries from “reality” to “fantasy” and back, and there is much about so called “magical” beings that is yet to be discovered. It is always fascinating when the origins of myths are brought to our notice. I have noticed that fairies have come ... Read More

Hats, hats, and more hats!

Back in my yute (hey I like Cousin Vinny!) I often found myself collecting things. The things I collected were usually a reflection of my inherently irreverent (say that one time slowly) nature. I collected T-shirts. Of course they had to be humorous to say the least.  Never insulting. That’s not my style. But often sarcastic. I collected ... Read More

Pass the fortune cookie please….

After simmering in my own stew for the last couple of day (oooh what an appetizing image that must create), I have lots of thoughts that need sorting. Writing is one of my fundamental ways of doing just that. I find that my best writing just happens. I am the mere conduit for words that wish to be read. They are ... Read More

The waves are becoming whitecaps….

Warning! Possibly depressing post! And definitely a long one. With no pictures. Good one to miss if you are in a lighthearted mood! My serenity is still disturbed. (Waves on my serenity) More pieces of the pattern keep appearing. More posts from others in the blogging world. A conversation I just had today with a new online acquaintance. TV ... Read More

Family of Strangers

Everyone craves stability. Even the most adventurous soul needs a solid support once in a while. Is it any wonder we often fear the unknown? It threatens our stability. One of my blogging friends touched on this in her recent post If You can’t Beat’em, Juggle. She is an amazing woman who struggles with mental illness as she wanders the ... Read More

Waves on my serenity

My mind is troubled today. Troubled in the way of a placid lake on a windy day. There are waves on my serenity. Apparently I think differently than most people. I tend to think in patterns, when most are focused on details. Because of this, I have a holistic view of reality. I believe everything is interconnected on some ... Read More