Monthly Archives: July 2011

A peace offering

My vision has many modes these days. I have mostly been viewing the world with blogger vision lately. But before blogger vision I had photo vision. And my eyes will shift into this without effort. Usually when I have no camera available. But a bonus of the new toy I got the other day, is that it ... Read More

Around the Fire

Can you feel the pull? My sister is creating a magical being capable of revealing how our stories intertwine. The Storyteller invites all to sit around the campfire; to join her in entering the realm of possibility. Not only does this open my soul’s eyes to future possibilities, but it is bringing back past stories as well. ... Read More

How does one answer that anyway?

As I journey more and more in this new adventure I have set upon, I face new challenges every moment.  This is to be expected, and I am not complaining. My mind has been stagnating for far too long, so a good bit of regular exercise for it is just what it needed! Of course what I am doing ... Read More

Silly poems can be fun to make!

I need to stretch my brain. As I embrace writing this book, my mind is absorbed not only by the words that need to actually relay the story, but the world that is slowly developing as the backdrop to the story. Even the simplest of stories has its background. So I post here and on my other ... Read More

Horseshoes, hand-grenades and a lollipop

I am in one of those modes where I feel I need to write something, but have no idea what I want to write. So I am going to just start the fingers going on the keyboard and see where I end up. I did the unusual and actually started with a title. Rarely works that way ... Read More

To all my wedding vendor acquaintances out there….

One of my blogging friends, the world renowned Tori Nelson, is doing that thing that you guys like oh so much! Getting hitched. Tying the knot. Forging a ball and chain. Getting spliced. It case you haven’t quite gotten she is getting married. And being a blogging goddess, she decided to do it in a ... Read More

Battle of the housemates

It is odd how opening the doors of Creativity can also let other things emerge. Or maybe it is not so odd. Seems to me Creativity resides in the same part of the house as Experience and Emotions. If not in the same room they definitely share the hall. So it is no wonder that ... Read More

Just passed 10000 words!

For those interested, I have now officially gotten to almost 10 percent of a typical fantasy novel. In my mind a milestone worth noting. Despite a lack of regular discipline yet, I have managed to pump out over 10000 words of a cohesive and maybe even good story. Still a very looooooong way to go, but I almost believe I can actually do ... Read More

Writing our own story

Seems I have a few spots on my personal glow again. Need to scrub the shine back in. So as usual I wander with words a bit till the shine is back to its eye-watering glory. Apparently the blogging world (at least the little bit of it that I visit) slows down during the summer months. Which is a good ... Read More