Monthly Archives: August 2011

Wake up!

Having been silent for a few days now (partially because the electricity went out when that hellion Irene wandered through), it is now time to write something new. What better than the newest  100 word challenge. This weeks prompt: …the alarm went off…   I lived my life with blinded eyes. My ears did not hear. The world ... Read More

The wolfiest wolf

That time of the week again. Time to train the noggin with this week’s 100 word challenge. Here goes: We all gathered in old Snagletooth’s growlery for the contest. Snageltooth himself was going to judge which of us cubs was the wolfiest wolf. Of course, cocky Snarl offered to go first. He firmly planted his ... Read More

A plea for your generous assistance (via THE IDIOT SPEAKETH)

Once again we see the power of the blogging world. Worth passing the word… Two of my dear blog friends are the great husband and wife team behind the blogs Thypolar Life Uncensored and Hacking Vegas. They are the proud parents of three lovely children, one of whom (who is affectionately referred to as “13”) ... Read More

Water under the bridge

Water plays a huge role in my life. Actually water plays a huge role in anyone’s life. Life as we know it would not even exist if it were not for water and some of its rather unique properties. Few truly understand how unusual ice is. And how important that uniqueness is for life. Sadly I am not ... Read More

I am positive about this!

I have been having a struggling with words phase again. No that is not quite it. I have no problem coming up with words. Maybe even putting them together in a coherent and even somewhat skilled manner. The issue is more with the emotional content of the words. So I guess I am actually struggling with emotions again. Not ... Read More

A good day for a smile!

I have not written much of anything in the last few days (book included). My brain was just plain tired and achy. But it is time to kick into gear again, and what better way than this week’s 100 Word Challenge! So here goes: It was a glorious day. A day filled with endless possibility. It ... Read More

For the photo buffs who visit …

I have mentioned a few times that I also have a passion for photography. As a matter of fact, I began exploring that passion before I really started indulging in the writing addiction. When I first started this blog I rarely posted any photos, but it quickly became apparent that pics were needed just for the ... Read More


Lately understanding has been eluding me. A question has been lingering: “Why?” Why does effort frequently get little reward, while whim and seeming luck reaps major benefits? Why does it often seem that good struggles when evil flourishes? Why is pain more notable than pleasure? So of course I went on a journey to find the answer. I ... Read More

Never too late! (100 Word Challenge)

Brain exercise time again! “Embrace the Earth!” That is what he said. “We cannot forget our home!” Yet we did not listen! Tears welled up at the wasted vista before us. Where had the water gone? The dusty breeze carried a twisted piece of plastic bag along the polluted barrenness. It skipped over a broken ... Read More