Monthly Archives: September 2011

Long overdue book update

I have been slacking in the book department for a few weeks now. I guess I have a form of writer’s block. The odd thing is the block is not one of words. I have story ideas floating around in the noggin. It is more a block about the physical activity. I cannot seem to ... Read More

Money troubles

I am not a fan of journalism. I don’t read newspapers, don’t watch the news, and as a general rule think magazines are a complete waste of paper. At least with fiction you KNOW it is fiction. That said this week’s 100 word challenge is more of a challenge than usual. But me being me I had ... Read More

Hope and a gold tooth

I missed last weeks 100 word challenge, which I guess was a bit controversial! I am trying to get back on the ball this week. I went and wrote a little piece that is no work of art, but I enjoyed. Only to find that I did not have the prompt quite right. But I ... Read More

My love hate relationship with sleep

I am not one for astrology. I believe in the interconnectedness of all things, but I don’t believe anyone can predict anything from the positions of stars in the sky. Especially anything about human nature. On the other hand, I am completely dichotomous by nature. Which is ironic since the astrologers label me Gemini. What does this have to do with my title? ... Read More

I have succumbed…

My sister and I have been on many adventures together. Me being the oddest of creatures, a technophobic techno-geek who prefers natural to man-made, many of those adventures involved trekking through beasty ridden  forests with a full pack and a canoe on our backs, or maybe something even scarier like painting a bedroom. But there ... Read More


In the shadows of memory do we truly ever learn as humans? A tragedy happens and we hide it behind the rhetoric of power seekers. We get enmeshed in the emotions of the flag wavers; the holier than thous; the haters and the fearful. And the lessons to be learned get totally obscured in the resultant ... Read More

Mary's tale

It’s that time again. After several days of doing more reading than writing, it is time to get the fingers (and brain) working again. What better way to start than with this weeks 100 word challenge. Enjoy! Mary thought she could do it. No she KNEW she could. After all, it was in her blood. ... Read More