Monthly Archives: October 2011

100 words slightly condensed

This weeks challenge is a bit of a challenge. Odd that. Do a 21 word piece in the same rhythm as the following: Remember remember the fifth of November Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder, treason Should ever be forgot… using the phrase ‘…in winter we shiver …’ so I will attempt. Drumroll ... Read More

I'll write you a check!

While I am far from a perfectionist, my work ethic comes right from the lazy man’s bible. There is basically one commandment: THOU SHALL WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER! and in the fine print below Get ‘er done! I am a firm believer of doing it right the first time. Of course this is a questionable business practice. How ... Read More

The Three(+) Faces of (St)Eve

Time for a little self mockery (and also self-indulgence) for the chance to gain some perspective. I seem to be waking up on the wrong side of the bed lately. In my bed this is not hard to do since all but a small corner is surrounded by walls. As one might imagine then getting ... Read More

Meataholics Anonymous

A challenge and an unexpected burger dinner … well it just had to be done! This week’s challenge is a vegetarian’s view of the picture at the bottom. I sort of managed something along those lines: Hello my name is Steve and I am a meataholic. Today I would have earned my three month pin, ... Read More

Gods or demons?

Any who have wandered the labyrinths of my writings here might notice that certain themes are often repeated. The themes are the foundations of my philosophy, so it is not unexpected that they play a major role in my blithering. I’ll lay the core ones out so no one has to think too hard: Everything, (and I mean ... Read More

One hundred (and fifty?) words …

It’s time for me to follow my own advice! I missed last week’s 100 word challenge, even though it was a good one. So I am doing it this week as well as the new one. Two for the price of … well a little effort on my part. Last week’s challenge was something to ... Read More

Life is in the doing

As frequently happens, my sister and I are on the same wavelength. This happens so often and in such a freaky way one would swear we are twins. The true irony is that while I was still snuggling in the womb, the docs thought I WOULD be twins. Go figure. She recently let out a howl of ... Read More

There but for the grace of … me …

It seems T-shirt creating, dancing in underwear, and other “award” related duties must take a backseat for the moment, whilst I spout out some more thoughts from the depths, inspired by the events of recent days, a conversation or two, and of course some recent posts by my blogging family. Wow. Was that a sentence or what? ... Read More