Monthly Archives: December 2011

What year is it anyway?

So rumor has it today ends something and tomorrow starts something new. Personally I don’t get it. What does January 1st start anyway, other that an arbitrary calendar? I mean some dude with a god complex and the money and political clout to back it says: “Name a month after me, and make it the ... Read More

Getting ambitious

Last week for the 100 Word Challenge we had a 50/ 50 Word challenge. Basically one person started something with 50 words last week, so that others could than finish it with 50 words this week. The prompt being The Season. My entry was a bit out of the box (which I guess is not ... Read More

Word power as it should be used

I recently made The Vow. This was a necessary step in my reawakening to a world that I have done my best to hide from in recent years. I am taking The Vow seriously, but I found that I am still lacking something. It is all well and good to devote myself to living MY life, but ... Read More

The view from outside

One of the beauties of the blogging world is it is a world were we can challenge each other to greatness, while at the same time unite in creating this greatness. We inspire each other, and as a result the world improves one word at a time. The 100 Word Challenge for Adults is a perfect example ... Read More

The Carol of the Smells

Now that I have dealt with the unexpected bit of emotional dross dredged up by this weeks prompt, it is time to roll up the sleeves and do some creating. I guess more antacid for the soul was called for. To remind, the prompt is to adjust a favorite carol to the theme of Christmas dinner, while keeping rhythm and ... Read More

An unexpected challenge

It is that time again. Time for the 100 Word Challenge for Grownups. This one is the beginning of series of seasonally inspired journeys into creativity, or so I am led to believe. And no doubt there will once again be a whole slew of amazing contributions, as the number of participants in the challenge seems ... Read More

Never hurts to try!

One of the dilemmas in my dichotomous life is the fact that I actively despise capitalism and materialism, yet they are the way of the world. So my choice is to use the tools that I despise so that I may actually live my life, or stop living my life. Unfortunately in the last few years I chose ... Read More

Redefining “Gratitude” mark 2

I did not intend to write a post here today. But the universe works in mysterious ways, and here I am. I wrote a tongue-in-cheek bit on my other blog (which is kind of devoted to tongue-in-cheek) called Redefining “Gratitude”. Unfortunately it is far from deep and thought provoking as the title might imply. Little ... Read More

Some necessary TOOTING!

Once again I have been singled out for a blogging “award”. Actually twice, once for each of my blogs. I am not sure this particular awarding counts seeing as it was my sister who done did the awarding (hey it’s my blog and if I wanna go all ungrammaticlike I can!) It’s all set already ... Read More