Monthly Archives: January 2012

Gnome Bureaucracy

Being the free spirit that I like to pretend that I am, I tend not to focus on such mundane things as calendars and clocks. The only watch I ever purposely bought and wore had an holographic image of an eye on the crystal. I had a juvenile pleasure in showing the eye whenever someone asked me the time. Despite my lack of any ... Read More

Another excerpt

Since I recently shared a bit from one of my books, I figured I would continue the self promotion a little and share a bit from the other one as well. Hope you enjoy this too 🙂 Confused was a slight understatement to what Gusty was feeling at the moment. He had not really had ... Read More

Wordy wordlessness

Words have great power! This is a theme I often use in my attempts at writing on this blog, but it is by no means an original idea. Words have the power to raise a person beyond their perceived limits; or to send them into the depths. A simple word can start a war … or end it. Skilled use of ... Read More

Live today as if it will be your … FIRST!

Part of the reason I took up blogging was to explore my own mind; to make concrete my own beliefs in my search for purpose in life. If in the process I also manage to help others understand my odd ways of thinking, then I get a bonus. BECAUSE I have chosen the “path less ... Read More

An excerpt …

Lacking something bloggy yet desiring to post SOMETHING, I have heeded the request of one or three people and am including an excerpt from one of my book projects. Enjoy (I hope): Five minds shared a dream. One mind untouchable by shadow; one thriving on it. Three minds falling in between. One feminine mind, four ... Read More

Against the instincts

It is 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups time again! The challenge: to Critique one of last week’s pieces (in 100 words of course). I have to admit, when I took a look at this weeks challenge, my first instinct was to give it a pass. To me critiquing has an element of arrogance to it; it says that ... Read More

One pebble at a time …

Today is Martin Luther King Day. A day devoted to honoring a man who promoted social change. Who spoke words of love instead of hatred; words of acceptance despite difference. In honor of this day, I find myself wanting to write something on hatred and bigotry; on humanity’s capacity for blindness and their ability to dehumanize others ... Read More

Time for another stream of consciousness post …

My mind is once again in the midst of a mind storm. Whirlwinds of thoughts circling around, only occasionally pausing enough for me to catch a glimpse before swirling away to be replaced by the next thought. Each thought seemingly different yet somehow related. Once again patterns are emerging. But this time they are as much patterns of ... Read More

Yep. I've done it again!

” I think we have created a monster!” Is what someone might say if they knew this shy, unassuming guy who had some skill with words and a camera yet was too shy to share his creations with the world was now establishing his … GASP!! … THIRD BLOG!! OK, maybe I am exaggerating a bit on ... Read More

Translation issues

As I sat down to write this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Adults, I was thinking, “It seems like I just wrote one of these! Did the week really go so fast?” But then I realized I DID just write one of these. It is amazing how fast time goes when you procrastinate. This weeks challenge ... Read More