Monthly Archives: March 2012

A puzzle for the Solver

Those who have wondered the wastelands of my blogs, especially the more creative posts, might notice that I have a tendency to think outside the box a tad. I often take the effort to shift things just so, and create things that are not quite how some might expect. When it comes time to do the 100 ... Read More

Hitting reset … another stream of consciousness post

Despite my last post, I have still been struggling a little with that whole get out of bed concept. Reminders need to get from the head to the soul to be truly effective. Yesterday I did my best to actually do nothing … by intent. Not in avoidance, not out of boredom, ... Read More

A simple reminder

A few days ago I was in a wonderful mood. The last two days, I could barely make myself get out of bed. All I wanted to do was sleep. So what changed? Was there some great tragedy in my life (or maybe another’s) that caused my mood to shift? Did I get some horrendous news? Was I sick? Did ... Read More

Drawing a blank

I have been supremely uninspired this weekend, so have been looking forward to this weeks 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups! The posts are usually announced via TWITTER, which I have TEXT me when I am TWEETED. So when I am TWEETED on TWITTER I am TEXTED. A TEXT causes my phone to CHIME. So TWEET! TEXT! CHIME! Now I ... Read More

Too many magicians!

Spring is in the air, which invariable causes two opposing reactions in Dichotomous Mister Steve. On the one hand, my lust for life is ignited, and I feel the thrill of possibility in every breath I take. Yet at the same time, this often seems to heighten the shadows I live in, and I also get a ... Read More

A seed is planted

The Queen of Faerie spoke, and her ethereal voice carried with the force of a winter storm, yet thrilled with the sweet music of spring. None in the realm could escape her words, even if they so chose. “We must have a herald!” she breathed. “The human world forgets us!” The Denizens of the Mists ... Read More

Saving some money

“It’s here! It’s here!” … is what I would be shouting with energy if my recent weekend of debaucherous charity had not left me feeling like Wile E Coyote after a mishap with an ACME Steam Roller. But despite my well-earned exhaustion, I am still excited to have another opportunity to stretch the imagination muscles with the newest prompt ... Read More

Change the world with a song

Music is power. Music can reach the very soul, when mere words fall flat. Even the least musically inclined person can be moved by music. This is why movies have sound tracks. This is why the simple concept of a person’s right to play a song is one of the ... Read More

Partying with a purpose!

Just a heads up for the few who actually look forward to what emerges from the collection of cells that I call a mind … I am going away for a few days. Which means … GASP … no more posts likely until next week. Of course since I am not notable for regular posting ... Read More