Monthly Archives: May 2012

A life

Once again it is time for that wonder of wonders, the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. And once again the challenge is … well … challenging. Especially in my continued creative slump.  I am not even sure I actually have the right concept of the challenge this week. But not having a clue has never really stopped ... Read More

The answer is right there

We all seek meaning in our lives. We all seek a reason to move forward; a point to it all. This is a simple truth. Though some of us may deny that we do. The fact is even those of us who are not deep philosophical thinkers still search for purpose … even if we are not ... Read More

A random bit o' babble

It seems I have only posted twice here in the last ten or so days. I guess my motivation slump is worse than I thought. Haven’t really done much on the other blogs either … though I have done more photos than anything. In some ways photos take less thought … while at the same time expressing ... Read More

Flameless flames

I have been in tough place lately. Questioning where I have been; where I am now; where I am going (as can be seen in some of my recent posts). This is making creation a difficult process once again. Yesterday the new 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups appeared with a prompt (The flame flickered before) that seemed to fit ... Read More

Uncomfortably comfortable

What exactly am I doing here? That is the question I seem to be asking myself all the time these days. I am caught in a loop. Why am I doing what I am doing? For that matter, what exactly AM I doing? And why do I keep doing it if I don’t know why ... Read More

Gumming up the gears

I seem to be hitting another milestone in my journey into blogdom. This is apparently my 300th post on my first blog (this one). As with all the other milestones that I have hit, I once again have no great prize-winning thought to post about. Actually I don’t have any kind of thoughts at all. ... Read More

Living vicariously

I have a very adventurous soul. Unfortunately these days it lives in a body that makes the average tortoise say “Dude why you walking so slow?” Adventure is to my current life as water is to a bucket with a hole in the bottom. So my only chance of a little excitement is to live vicariously through others, which ... Read More

A bunch of questions …

A HIGHLY UNORIGINAL IDEA Who am I? Who are we? Am I who I was yesterday? For that matter, was I who I was yesterday, yesterday? Are you a monster? Am I a monster? What is a monster anyway? What is important? Is anything important actually important? Am I mad? Are “they” mad? Are we all mad? ... Read More

Time to get controversial

I am about to step into no man’s land. The intent of this post is not to offend, but to question; to start thought; to point out the power and weakness that is words. I am going to look at a pretty well-known bit o’ words. One thing to note before I start. I am ... Read More

Land of the free?

Haven’t heard from friend Pete in a while, but as always when she speaks up she hits the nail on the head. I like her point, as well as the rather hilarious (and well written) letter she has pointed out. For the lack of anything useful to say myself today, I reposted this.