Monthly Archives: September 2012

Just what I needed!

For me communing with nature is the ultimate restorative. Sure mankind has made many wondrous things, and much life and beauty can be found in the “civilized” world as well. But sadly no matter how stimulating the world of man can be, it is also always shadowed by mankind’s alternate side. Everywhere man touches has its beauty, but it ... Read More

Time the Magician

We are a world divided. This takes no great insight to realize. One simply has to open their eyes and observe. Our world is riddled with question that either have no answer, or worse yet have multiple answers. The loudest and most stubborn among us are always sure that their answers are the right ones, even if ... Read More

The eye of the storm

I have been seriously lacking creative moments recently. I have not written anything in a week or more, and have not even picked up my camera. I would say that I have slipped back into the depression I was struggling with, but I don’t think that is really it. Sure I have been doing a ... Read More

Taking a breath

For those who actually look forward to what emerges from my noggin … that is if such people exist … I needed a few days to stop and just breath for a change. Sometimes the old noggin goes a little haywire with all the bits an pieces o’ thought flying about, and I have to ... Read More

My favorite color is clear

It always amuses me when I actually have something I want to say; something I want to get out there … nobody really reads it. Or at least gives me any feedback. But when I post something that is totally meaningless and arbitrary, suddenly people are coming out of the woodwork and liking it. Of course ... Read More