Monthly Archives: November 2012

50+ Shades of Grey (I couldn't resist)

If I had to describe my recent  life as a color, I might actually have to go with grey.  So it somehow seems appropriate that this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups has the prompt:  …GREY… Being the lover of doom and gloom that I am, this immediately worked for me, resulting in the following ... Read More

Hide and seek

It being Thanksgiving and all, I figured I would try one of those ‘These are the things I am thankful for’ posts. I settled into my thinking pose (which these days is usually going back to sleep), and started making a mental list. Sometime later (I lose all sense of time when I am ‘thinking’) ... Read More

Domestic disturbance

I have to learn not to be so contrary. I seem to always do thinks backwards or the hard way. For instance, I often look for the twist in prompts for the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. When something seems somber I try for light-hearted (usually anyway) and such. This time we are expressly ... Read More

God made me do it

I looked in my Dad’s eyes yesterday, and saw a complete lack of recognition. He did not know who I was at all. For thousands of years, war has taken place over a tiny stretch of land. Millions upon millions have died over this tiny spot consisting largely of dessert. The current inhabitants only live there because no one ... Read More

Tree Wisdom

In the last few years, We the People have displayed the extremes of humanity’s potential. We have pulled together to heal when disaster hits, while in the next moment we condemn others for thinking differently than us. We shout “Love Thy Neighbor!” even as we throw rocks at them. We boldly fight for the right of choice, ... Read More