Monthly Archives: December 2012

Just call me Steve Quixote

Like many a blogger, I have gone through several stages of “Why am I doing this?” At first it was just a place to share many of my creations in one place. Once upon a time a I rarely let anyone see anything, but a proper skull knocking set me straight. Then as I delved into the ... Read More

Wrapping trouble

A few years back, I borrowed ‘Twas the night before Christmas, read it, passed it through my own word grinder, and came up with a slightly different version that expressed something I wanted to say. Since then it has become a sort of seasonal habit for me to come up with some version. Technically it started a long time ... Read More

We have a clean canvas now. Grab your paint brush!

Now that the world has ended, I feel all fresh and rosy. It’s not everyday we get to create a whole new world! I already have my smock on, and have some bright new colors to start painting. I suppose some of us are waiting until the holidays are over. I know the whole apocalypse thing ... Read More

A shepherd's tale

My last few posts have been on the serious to sad side, so it is time for a bit o’ light hearted. Unfortunately due to some unexpected speed bumps on this weeks section of life’s highway, I am a tad late with the current 100 Word Challenge for Grownups. Finally I am at a point to sit down ... Read More

Saying goodbye

We buried my dad today. I think it was a good sendoff. My sister and I each wrote eulogies at my mother’s request. For those who know me yet never met my dad, or for those who simply want to meet  for a brief moment a wonderful man, here are my words, and you can find my ... Read More

Irony and Synchronicity

The last time I moved back to the ‘rents house to “temporarily” recoup was roughly … 6 years ago. Since then, I have been living my hermit life  in what I affectionately call “the cave”. I had several considered reasons for this move, all of which made logical sense to me. I was broke and ... Read More

Now's your chance!

Have you ever been asked the question: “What would you do if you knew you were going to die tomorrow?” I know I have many times, or some variation of this. And how I answered changed depending on how serious the questioner and frankly the day I was asked. It just dawned on me we all ... Read More

Time to fight fire with fire …

I have been struggling for some time now. Struggling with my increasing difficulty to find my place in a world that I lose more and more respect for every moment. I am an optimist. I believe … no KNOW in my heart that there is good in humanity. Coming from someone who ... Read More

I am crying …

Yesterday I said I wanted my laugh back. Today I am writing this post with tears in my eyes. If you have not been made aware yet, we have had another school shooting. The worst yet as far as I know. We don’t even know all the details yet, because it just happened. So far ... Read More

Has anybody seen my haha?

I misplaced a little bit of me a few years back. Now as one can imagine, losing a bit of oneself can be awkward – depending of course on that bit that was lost. Losing a tooth might be awkward for the chewing department, but otherwise not so much of a difficulty. There might even ... Read More