Monthly Archives: June 2013

Changing maps

As some may have noticed … I have been quiet for a while again. This is not so new for me. Periodically I just have nothing to say. Sometimes it is depression. Sometimes I am actually busy in the “real” world. And sometimes it is more complicated. This was one ... Read More

You gotta be kidding me!

Just when I think people are getting a clue, they go and get all silly again. This newest concept that has the American people screaming in outrage has me totally flummoxed. We live in a society where the public honestly believes that if one is in any way a celebrity, we are entitled to know absolutely EVERYTHING about their ... Read More

An opportunity to create a lifetime …

I am not sure what it is about modern civilization, but somehow as life becomes easier through advances in technology, we have lost not only the concept of personal responsibility, but responsibility for person. The more streamlined and mechanized everything becomes, the more we learn about taking the easy way. We are losing the ... Read More

Billy Joel

I have not really done a pure stream of consciousness post in a while. Today, as I sit in stereotypical writer mode, it seems like a good  day to do one. For those of you who have encountered it before, now is a good time to run. For those of you who have not … … now is a ... Read More