Monthly Archives: September 2013

Scraping off some mud

I have not blogged in a few weeks. I seem to have run out of things to say. Even with pictures. The last posts I did were prompted by Cheri Speak‘s Week of Words Challenge. I would like to think I rose to the challenge … the prompts were certainly thought-provoking. I guess it is ... Read More

Tasty treat, a Settle in Sunday post

Today is the last day of one adventure, and the first day of another (one yet to be determined). Today is Settle in Sunday, the final post in the Week of Words Blog Challenge. While I have rarely had a conventional schedule with traditional “weekends”, because of the culture I grew up in, Sundays have ... Read More

Conquering mole hills, a Successful Saturday post

For the last week I have done a fairly successful job of completely ignoring the “real” world. Culminating in the last two days when I did it completely … I think I even managed to forget my name. As a result though, I did not actually make Thursday and Friday entries in the A Week ... Read More

Undoing an injustice, a Whiny Wednesday post

Today is WHINY WEDNESDAY on the A Week of Words Blogger Challenge. Today’s post is our chance to let the world know in no uncertain terms how we feel about something that really bothers us … and we should include a meme to really get the point across. This one somehow seems appropriate for me, since lately ... Read More

Lifetime Guarantee, a Two-fer Tuesday post

Today’s prompt for the Week of Words Challenge is called Two-fer Tuesday. The challenge is to describe the most amazing deal we have ever gotten in the form of an ad. Me not being much of a materialist, this is a pretty tough challenge for me … partly because I try my best to avoid ... Read More

Day in the life, a Manic Monday Post

Being in a somewhat creative slump of late, I have been struggling to come up with things to blog about … despite a strong desire to blog about SOMETHING. With my herd of blogs (does 5 count as a herd?), that becomes even more challenging. However, recently, the world-renowned Cheri of Cheri Speak, a blogger ... Read More

Eternal Question

I have not done the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups for a few weeks now … and almost feel like something is missing. Partly because my lust for creation has been somewhat dimmed of late. Partly because of a mind overfilled with … plain and simply … STUFF.  But then I encountered my sister’s ... Read More

Let's talk about right and wrong!

I have to admit, the older I get, and the more I interact with the human world … the less I get humans. We are the only animal that actually create reasons for our actions AFTER the fact, and then justify them no matter how ridiculous or self-serving the reason ... Read More