Monthly Archives: October 2013

In search of inspiration

I woke up one morning feeling very unmotivated. I just could not find any good reason to do much of … well … anything. Usually I have all sorts of ideas of what I might like to do now, but that particular now, I simply had nothing. Something was simply … missing. I thought for ... Read More

Putting one foot in front of the other (for a change)

As part of my pursuit of a better me, I use Lumosity. Lumosity is a site devoted to exercising the brain. I have always believed keeping the brain strong is just as important as keeping the body healthy. Add to this the history in my family of brain related diseases ... Read More

Doing it again … Finally!

So far, my attempts at relocating the writing organs has been somewhat successful. I have gone to my new “office” twice so far, and both times managed to come out with a collection of words … maybe even some worth reading. Last time it was a couple of blog posts. ... Read More

A bit o' newness

I am trying something new. Trying something new is not actually new to me. A me that was was always trying something new … often so much that it is questionable if anything ever got old. More recent mes seem to have gotten mired in the old, and maybe even a little … frightened … ... Read More