Monthly Archives: November 2013

Gratuitousnous (

I haven’t posed here in a few, so figured I would do a quickie with some gratuitous  … link shout outs. Mostly for me. After all I need all the help I can get. First of all, since I haven’t specifically begged here yet … WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T CLICK ON THIS LINK … Did ... Read More

Ranting randomly

I am feeling feisty today. Which means maybe it is time for a good ole rant. Haven’t had one for a while. But since I don’t have a specific rant at the moment, I will try something new … a stream of conscious rant. Who knows what I might “yell” about next? I guess my ... Read More

Paradoxically Creative

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned the realization that we are always surrounded by inspiration. The trick is opening our senses to it. The challenge is not a lack of inspiration, but the lack of consistency in those who seek it. We humans are pretty fickle beings, changing from moment to moment … even ... Read More

Me just being ME (so she can be SHE)

It may seem odd, but one of the questions I find the toughest to answer is when I am asked, “What do you do for a living?” Even back in the days when I had something resembling a traditional working life, I never quite knew how to answer that question. As far as I am ... Read More