Monthly Archives: January 2014

I have found religion again

I have decided to finally embrace the one true religion. Admittedly there have been several choices throughout my life that sparked an interest, such as the Almighty Bob, and Pastafarianism is definitely worth a second look. But I went into the desert for 40 days and nights (it MIGHT have ... Read More

A long overdue bit of randomness

Is “there is an exception to every rule” a rule? If so, is there an exception to “there is an exception to every rule”? That would mean there is a rule that has no exceptions. What rule could that be? It would almost have to be the rule that “there is an exception to every ... Read More


This past week was an oddly quick one. Considering my adventure today changing the house water filter, the prompt for this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups is eerily appropriate. The prompt is: …but where does the water go?… I am not quite sure where I will take it, ... Read More

A word is … well … a word

I have often talked about the wonder and power of language on this blog. Language is possibly the greatest creation of life on this world. I say life, because language takes many forms, and not all of them involve words. But that does not take away from the immense potential that languages made of words ... Read More