Monthly Archives: February 2014

Redefining my direction

As society becomes more and more digitized, it seems that original ideas become fewer … which somehow seems backwards. The “information age” allows us to express our ideas by basically borrowing those of others … I would say a better description of the times is the “meme age”. Where once social networking was inundated with ... Read More

Cat tales

I seem to finally have slipped back into creative mode. Especially in the last few days. First I had my recent video creation, and then I came up with my creative way of exercising for my upcoming adventure. It seems only appropriate to keep that creative mojo going, and return to the 100 Word Challenge ... Read More

Rules or thought?

I am not one for generalization. I often use it as a tool to make points; as a tool for sarcasm … but I don’t believe that reality can be accurately displayed by generalization. I think every fact; every interaction; every detail of life needs to be evaluated for itself. Sure we can define patterns, ... Read More

Try opening your eyes

I had a discussion with my mother yesterday that made me think, as often happens. She was commenting on watching a show about those communities who chose to ignore evolutionary theory in schools, and ONLY teach creationism. She mentioned how someone asked a question that made sense to her … ... Read More