50+ Shades of Grey (I couldn't resist)

If I had to describe my recent  life as a color, I might actually have to go with grey.  So it somehow seems appropriate that this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups has the prompt:  …GREY…

Being the lover of doom and gloom that I am, this immediately worked for me, resulting in the following bit o’ words …

Joel held the door for Mrs. Harker as he left the diner. Looking out at the bright summer day he said “Looks like another beautiful grey day doesn’t it?” and then energetically walked out the door. Mrs. Harker immediately slipped into gossip mode as she approached the counter.

“That Joel Shoemaker is such a Gloomy Gus!” she chirped to Reanne.

Reanne put on her game face … it was THAT time of day … and asked “How so dear?”

“He is always saying how grey everything is!” she ‘whispered’.

Reanne laughed. “You do know he is colorblind don’t you?”

Silence …

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