A Bit of Beauty

The primary reason I took up this challenge this year was to get myself back in touch with my inner spirit. I needed to remind myself that no matter how dark things might appear … as long as there are those who continue to create, the darkness will never be complete. I also needed to remind myself that beauty exists everywhere, if we just have the eyes to see it. Today was the first day this season that it was truly believable that winter was gone for good. Things are starting to really bloom, so the last time I walked the dog, I also grabbed my camera. Despite an over energetic and excited dog, I still managed to get a few decent pictures. So, for my B post I offer a little Bit of Beauty …

Normally I would post photos on my photo blog. But I need to do some work on the site, and these  were just a quick bit of snapping as allowed by the dog. But if you like these pictures, you might like some of the others than I have posted over there. The link goes specifically to my nature photos. Enjoy!

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