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The question of compassion #1000Speak

As I wander life in search of meaning, I frequently have to call on a mysterious entity I call The Wise Man. He is essentially a manifestation of epiphany, wisdom in the form of a human that helps me to … UNDERSTAND. Often his help comes in times of personal ... Read More

Re-reflecting on reflections

My journey of late has become more metaphysical than physical. Who knew that would be the more painful adventure? I love mirrors. Well, to be more accurate, I love reflective surfaces. To me they are like gateways to other worlds; doorways to What If. They are spark plugs for the ... Read More

A fresh canvas

As many have noticed (and I probably have said myself many times), I do not live a “traditional” life. I never have. Once, I would have said my life has been one adventure after another, with periods of stagnation of varying size in between. Others might view it differently, with me be anything from a ... Read More

In search of inspiration

I woke up one morning feeling very unmotivated. I just could not find any good reason to do much of … well … anything. Usually I have all sorts of ideas of what I might like to do now, but that particular now, I simply had nothing. Something was simply … missing. I thought for ... Read More

A true friend …

I lost a friend the other day. I thought we were close. It got me thinking about what friendship really means. I was wondering if I was the problem, or maybe I just didn’t really understand what friendship means.  I was so deep in thought about this question that I did not ... Read More

X Marks the spot (guess what letter this is … )

I heard of an amazing treasure. A treasure that has immeasurable worth. It is a treasure sought by many, yet to my knowledge few have even come close to locating it. Being a lover of adventure, and thriving on solving mysteries, I decided to seek out this elusive treasure. I started ... Read More


Lately understanding has been eluding me. A question has been lingering: “Why?” Why does effort frequently get little reward, while whim and seeming luck reaps major benefits? Why does it often seem that good struggles when evil flourishes? Why is pain more notable than pleasure? So of course I went on a journey to find the answer. I ... Read More

Peace (My 100th post. Woohoo!!)

The blaring of sirens woke me up again. My first thought was: Damn I could use a bit of peace! My second though was: What exactly IS peace anyway? Time for a new quest!! I went to my neighbor, who has an answer for everything. He and his wife were shouting at each other. Did ... Read More