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When I started high school, being fond of the outdoors I  joined what was called The Ecology Club. We basically did all sorts of outdoor activities depending on the time of the year. Among other things, I quickly gained a passion for canoeing, especially whitewater canoeing. The academic advisor of the club used to run 10 – ... Read More

Veggie madness (an adventure begins)

They say not to put metal in microwaves. I now know the reason why. On Sunday morning I woke up bright an early at 4:20 PM feeling like Executive Officer Kane from Alien. That was SOME party! One of the best cures for a hangover (second only to a McDonald’s breakfast) is Chinese takeout leftovers. I ... Read More


I put this disclaimer on one of my more involved and thought filled posts (The Road to Entropy): Knowledge is limiting. Knowledge is static. Understanding is limitless. Understanding is fluid. I lay no claim to knowledge. I do lay claim to understanding. The primary weakness of the following is that it is written with words. Words lie in ... Read More

Synonymously speaking …

I was thinking when I woke up this morning. Or perhaps this one was cogitating when he arose this dawn. And what was all the cerebrating about? Word play. Or maybe it was phrase utilization. It is that time in the challenge for the S post. But what should I announce in the contest for the 19th ... Read More

Peace (My 100th post. Woohoo!!)

The blaring of sirens woke me up again. My first thought was: Damn I could use a bit of peace! My second though was: What exactly IS peace anyway? Time for a new quest!! I went to my neighbor, who has an answer for everything. He and his wife were shouting at each other. Did ... Read More

Nature (a couple of days late)

My love for nature has helped define who I am today. Nature is my restorative. When the world of man overwhelms me, there is nothing like a visit with nature to restore the balance. For all my supposed ability for understanding, it amazes me that many a human do their best to not only deny ... Read More