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Ze lazt pozt (yep Z is here)

Here we are, the last day in this year’s April A to Z Challenge. I figured that I would go out with a bang, really knock out an amazing post. But as is almost always the case when I have big plans for THAT post … I have nothing! Not ... Read More

Yes you can. Yes I can. (Y. Because.)

In last year’s A to Z Challenge, I stalled out at X and though I intended to eventually write a Y and Z post, I never actually did. This year I fully intend to finish it, yet have been struggling for ideas for a while now, and had no clue what to do with Y ... Read More

X Marks the spot (guess what letter this is … )

I heard of an amazing treasure. A treasure that has immeasurable worth. It is a treasure sought by many, yet to my knowledge few have even come close to locating it. Being a lover of adventure, and thriving on solving mysteries, I decided to seek out this elusive treasure. I started ... Read More

W is for What wonders we …

I seem to have lost the energy for daily posts again. I am petering out. Still struggling with the whole “Why bother?” dilemma. Why do I blog? Why do I rant; wax poetic/pathetic; ramble on in words and photos? What do I hope to achieve? What does anyone hope to ... Read More

Very odd Village (a Very odd V post)

This post may rank up there with one of my oddest creations. It is serving multiple purposes, not the least trying to get my mind back into the groove of actual creativity again. First it is my V post in the A to Z challenge. V seems to bring out my more zany side (couldn’t ... Read More

T and U too

Because my stall affected all my blogs, and in an effort to get current with the letters in to the A to Z Challenge, I am posting some of the belated posts in my other blogs as well. Swing on over to Tall Tales To Tempt for … you guessed it ... Read More

Stalled ( a belated S post)

I would blame it on the ephemeral “writer’s block” but that is just an excuse, and frankly not true. I have no lack of words to say. I could blame it on laziness, but I am not really lazy. I do what needs to be done if it needs to be done. The question is ... Read More

Run Raggy Run (what R you on about?)

Yes I grew up on Scooby Doo. Not only did I grow up with the wild misadventures of said dog and his mismatched gaggle (is 4 a gaggle) of mystery loving pals, the wondrous gang in fact once helped me recover from a very serious car accident (along with the Flintstones ... Read More

Quiet (A Q post defined by its absence)

Often if I am invited to a costume party and can’t go for some reason, I will basically say that I DID in fact go, but I was in costume so no one could see me. The costume of course being the invisible man. There is actually a point to that one sentence anecdote. Yesterday was ... Read More

Plentitude of P

Today being P day in the A to Z Challenge, I find that I have Plenty of P words the I can Pick. Picking just one Presents me with Peculiar Problems, so I have Proceeded to Post about a few of the Possibilities. PHOTOGRAPHY: This seems a Pleasant time to ... Read More