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A bit o' newness

I am trying something new. Trying something new is not actually new to me. A me that was was always trying something new … often so much that it is questionable if anything ever got old. More recent mes seem to have gotten mired in the old, and maybe even a little … frightened … ... Read More

Yep. I am doing it again!

When I first started blogging, I never thought I would be a blogger. I did it out of sheer boredom and a desperate attempt for self validation. Who knew that 3+ years later I would not only have (or be involved in) 5 blogs, all of them on domains of their own now, and be ... Read More

Changing maps

As some may have noticed … I have been quiet for a while again. This is not so new for me. Periodically I just have nothing to say. Sometimes it is depression. Sometimes I am actually busy in the “real” world. And sometimes it is more complicated. This was one ... Read More

An opportunity to create a lifetime …

I am not sure what it is about modern civilization, but somehow as life becomes easier through advances in technology, we have lost not only the concept of personal responsibility, but responsibility for person. The more streamlined and mechanized everything becomes, the more we learn about taking the easy way. We are losing the ... Read More

#atozchallenge: Last minute

I have said it before, and most likely will say it again … I am a NOW oriented person. This phrase has many different meanings, and may also be interpreted differently depending on who hears it. To me it not only means embracing the moment I am in, but the past ... Read More

#atozchallenge: Dreams, Dastardly Deeds, and Donuts

So far, my posts seem to be randomly purposeful. I am on a theme of sorts but am kind of just going with the flow, with no real design to my writing. Not that anyone who knows me would be in any way surprised. Sometimes my best stuff seems to come ... Read More

#atozchallenge: Crazy is as Crazy does

“You’re crazy!!” For some reason that particular phrase is aimed at me quite often. I don’t really get why. Sure I used to be called the Test Dummy when I was younger. What of it? And what is wrong with going on vacation and not coming back for four or five months? Who DOESN’T do ... Read More

Not quite getting it … me

It is amazing how time flies by when you totally avoid the world. Especially if you sleep for roughly twenty-six hours a day. Admittedly it make such goals as looking swave and deboner when I achieve my plans for world domination harder when I sleep all the time (not to mention actually ... Read More

Failed strategy?

In the last week I have been hard at work in my goal to become sleek and slim so I can take up the mantle of lord of all I purvey at some point. I decided on a new exercise strategy … since my last weigh in was an increase in poundage. I was so ... Read More

Battle … er … um … friendly competition update

It is the second week in the competition for who gets top billing as Supreme Big Kahuna of the World, and sadly our hero (that’s me folks … in case you forgot) is not off to a good start. It I underestimated the influence of The Idiot. He seems to have ... Read More