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Emerging genius

As I stumble my way through life, I often find myself inadvertently doing what, as far as I can tell, I was actually born to do. It is rather ironic that in all my deep explorations of self; all my questioning of what my purpose in the world is; what I actually want to do with life, ... Read More

Land of the free?

Haven’t heard from friend Pete in a while, but as always when she speaks up she hits the nail on the head. I like her point, as well as the rather hilarious (and well written) letter she has pointed out. For the lack of anything useful to say myself today, I reposted this.

So… are fairies real? (via A Girl Called Pete)

Ours is a wide and fascinating world. Much in it crosses the boundaries from “reality” to “fantasy” and back, and there is much about so called “magical” beings that is yet to be discovered. It is always fascinating when the origins of myths are brought to our notice. I have noticed that fairies have come ... Read More

Finding yourself

I used to hear about people doing all sorts of things in order to find themselves. People attending religious camps, climbing mountains, trekking across deserts, and sitting alone in the dark staring at the wall. One guy even spent a whole winter living in a tiny wooden shack surrounded by hungry polar bears. I mean, ... Read More