Here we go again!

On this day, some 25 plus years ago, there was born into this crazy world of ours a happy new baby boy. He might have been slightly happier if he hadn’t managed to get the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, thus setting a trend and a character trait, but what can ya do? Already proving himself to be a wanderer, he also showed that his wandering nature would end up getting him in trouble, and that he was definitely not one to take the easy way. He quickly became the bane of his parents existence as any new-born child should, and thus began his ride on that insane roller coaster that goes by the name of LIFE.

He quickly proved to be fond of all the best things …  food, sleep, and a good book … and in no time at all he was outgrowing his clothes, let alone the box that he was supposed to thrive in (according to those who decide such things). This too seemed to be a pattern that would be oft-repeated as he rode the ride. He fully embraced the path less traveled, thus convincing himself (and possibly others with a seeing eye) that he would not manage to stay on the roller coaster past his 25th birthday.

Somehow this self-made prophecy never came to pass. Not being one to tempt fate, or rather, being one who liked to wholeheartedly tempt fate, he decided that he would start over, figuring that fate would be too busy searching for an annoying 25-year-old than focusing on yet another “new-born”. Thus he started his second ride on the roller coaster. Having done this all before, he figured he was wise enough to successfully put his arms outside the ride and such, and the second ride was even crazier than the first … with the odds of survival definitely decreasing.

Suddenly the second 25 years has come to an end, with all still surprised that our hero has managed to stay on the ride. Fate still seems not to have caught on, so the intrepid, mischievous wanderer has decided to start fresh once again. Maybe if he keeps resetting every 25 years fate will simply write him off as a lost cause and he can continue wreaking havoc to clothes and boxes unmolested.

I don't seem to have changed all that much ...

I don’t seem to have changed all that much …

I admit it, that little tyke is me. I have just achieved my second 25, with dubious claims to success. The mysterious THEY claim that three times is a charm, so maybe I will get it right this time. So today is day one of the next 25 years. This time, if I don’t make it is just as likely because the roller coaster itself collapsed, and not my personal ability to stay on board. All I know is that I am going to do my best to enjoy the ride again!

P.S. I actually planned to use this post to blatantly promote some other posts on two of my other blogs, but seem to have gotten sidetracked (generally not a good idea on a roller coaster). So, to get back on the “right” track, here are two even MORE blatant plugs (for a good cause as you will see) …

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