Super secret plans!!

Today I made a pact with the world-renowned Idiot … Return of The Idiot Speaketh (Idiot 2.0). I don’t want to go into too many details, but it is part of a long-term plan for world domination. We have much to do to make sure this plan goes off without a hitch, but the first thing we both realized is that any properly executed bid for world domination requires that we look good in a penguin suit and can awe the masses with our six-pack abs. Since I for one am sporting more of a half keg ab (though I can not speak for the Idiot here), some drastic measures are required. We have decided to have a friendly competition to get us both back to our bikini bodies. The one who loses the most will get to have his name listed first when we rename our newly dominated world.

For those who want to help two slightly decrepit older than young men to achieve the Adonis-like bodies that is their due, we will be posting updates on our blogs. This may even be worthy of a whole new menu item all to itself. The official kick off will start this coming monday morning (February 11) unless super Nemo causes me bodily harm and delays the weigh in. Cheerleaders are welcome. Or if anyone wants to join in on the festivities feel free. But don’t think you will get in on dominating the world so easily!

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