My dastardly plan

It seems I finally decided on a new look for the blog. It is not THAT much different from the way it was, but a little brighter and maybe a little easier to read. So why did I randomly decide to change things? Well for one, this is the season of change. But it is ... Read More

#atozchallenge: M & M's (I mean M and N)

Yesterday was a mad day for me, even before it became a mad day for EVERYBODY. My M post WAS going to be about madness, and then today I was going to go with What’s next. Yesterday and today, however, have not quite cooperated with my personal schedule, so I ... Read More

#atozchallenge: Crazy is as Crazy does

“You’re crazy!!” For some reason that particular phrase is aimed at me quite often. I don’t really get why. Sure I used to be called the Test Dummy when I was younger. What of it? And what is wrong with going on vacation and not coming back for four or five months? Who DOESN’T do ... Read More