Appreciating the moment …

My room is hot and muggy. The central air just barely reaches it. So I have a few fans to boost the air movement. I am sitting here, with a random selection of music (Pandora) playing . Saying hello to a random selection of friends from all over. And trying to write a blog post. ... Read More

F = Fast Food Fenomenon

This is an idea I have had floating around for some time now, and today being F day in the A to Z challenge, it is time to share it! Cultures, like individual people, have well-defined characters. And also like people, these characters are often best displayed in the activities we most take for granted. ... Read More

Some necessary TOOTING!

Once again I have been singled out for a blogging “award”. Actually twice, once for each of my blogs. I am not sure this particular awarding counts seeing as it was my sister who done did the awarding (hey it’s my blog and if I wanna go all ungrammaticlike I can!) It’s all set already ... Read More