Doing it again … Finally!

So far, my attempts at relocating the writing organs has been somewhat successful. I have gone to my new “office” twice so far, and both times managed to come out with a collection of words … maybe even some worth reading. Last time it was a couple of blog posts. ... Read More

Looking for some stories

Quick not to any of my female readers (I am allowing myself the delusion that I have many 🙂 ). A friend of my sister’s (Woman Wielding Words) is doing an article for Ladies Home Journal. She needs some contributions from woman ages 35 – 55 who are from the US. What she is looking ... Read More

Words and more words

It is amazing what having a chat with the right people can do. Some people offer encouragement. Some offer empathy. Then there are those that offer a good bitch slap upside the head and say get on with it already. Whatever did the trick, I managed  to pump a few more words out on one ... Read More

Now's your chance!

Have you ever been asked the question: “What would you do if you knew you were going to die tomorrow?” I know I have many times, or some variation of this. And how I answered changed depending on how serious the questioner and frankly the day I was asked. It just dawned on me we all ... Read More

Taking a breath

For those who actually look forward to what emerges from my noggin … that is if such people exist … I needed a few days to stop and just breath for a change. Sometimes the old noggin goes a little haywire with all the bits an pieces o’ thought flying about, and I have to ... Read More

Book update … another chapter finished

Current Progress Reports: RAYSON’S story Previous word count:    60387 Chapter:     18 Current word count:      63475 Chapter:      18 Finished  GUSTY’S story Previous word count:     25658 Chapter:      18 Finished      Current word count:      26569 Chapter:      19 Finished