Accolades again

It is amazing how some lessons just don’t want to sink in. I have often talked about how frequently the best way to find things is to stop looking for them (or better yet look for something else). Yet despite my understanding of this and frequently proving it to myself, I still manage to frequently ... Read More

A life less extraordinary …

I’m an ant with delusions of being a lion trying to hang with eagles and wondering why it’s not working. Time to embrace my inner antness. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. The kind of thinking that will have major repercussions on my future. Call it part of an ongoing midlife crisis ... Read More

Some necessary TOOTING!

Once again I have been singled out for a blogging “award”. Actually twice, once for each of my blogs. I am not sure this particular awarding counts seeing as it was my sister who done did the awarding (hey it’s my blog and if I wanna go all ungrammaticlike I can!) It’s all set already ... Read More

Thinking … beware!

Once again I have been honored with an amazing reward! I may have even slightly earned it this time: But this reward comes with great responsibilities, ones that I need to prepare for. Among other things I have been volunteered to create a T-shirt for the “Monty Python and the Holy Grail Holy War BlogApocalypse ... Read More

Memes and Tao

Yesterday, I was offered The Seven Links Award by one of my blogging heroines, Kathy of reinventing the event horizon. The concept is an interesting one. it allows us to try to direct others to read those posts that mean to the most to us, using seven different categories. As is usual with the “awards”, it is ... Read More