Breaking News!!

Research says that 98% of people are incapable of thinking for themselves. A highly scientific study proves that most humans are actually naive sheep. It’s true because I used the word scientific and included a cool looking chart with statistics that mean absolutely nothing because they have no context. The fact that ... Read More

What do I believe?

Some parts of my core belief systems are hard for others to understand. Whether it is a failure on my part when trying to explain, or they simply don’t see it, it can be frustrating. But a FB friend of mine recently pointed this video my way, and beyond it being an amazing demonstration of human skill, ... Read More

Too many magicians!

Spring is in the air, which invariable causes two opposing reactions in Dichotomous Mister Steve. On the one hand, my lust for life is ignited, and I feel the thrill of possibility in every breath I take. Yet at the same time, this often seems to heighten the shadows I live in, and I also get a ... Read More

Leap where?

Once again it is time for that most wondrous of creations … The 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. Technically, it was time yesterday, but it did not sound as impressive to say “Once again I missed the time for … etc.” This week’s challenge is another stimulating one. One hundred words focused on the ... Read More

Do you believe?

The way my mind works sometimes even freaks me out. Then again the human mind in general is one bizarre little creation. Today I want to write this totally world-changing piece based on the strange patterns that I am finding in  seemingly unrelated things … and my brain stalls before I even get started. Because ... Read More

Destiny (WARNING! Dry boring stuff today!)

Everything happens for a reason. Do you believe that? Do I believe that? I am going to attempt to share one of the foundations of my belief system. One that actually defines who I am to myself. I am not usually very good at sharing this specific idea, because in some way the belief goes beyond words. But today ... Read More