Another birthday (Daggummit!)

She said “It’s my birthday!” I said “Nah uh, when?” “Today Uncle Steve! Today I turn ten!” I said, “That’s impossible. Stop fibbing to me! It was only yesterday that you were two, maybe three!” “Don’t be silly Uncle Steve! I am almost a teen! I am not a baby anymore. Don’t be so mean!” Cute little Sarah, she is ... Read More

Candles On Your Cake

I seem to have missed Monday by a few days this week. I have been unusually busy for me. Not only did I actually leave the house this week, but I stayed out ALL DAY! That’s just crazy!! Now that I am finally getting to the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, creative juices just waiting to ... Read More

A birthday card … of sorts

Once upon a time (nine years ago today as a matter of fact) a magical flower was born. [youtube=] Happy Birthday Sarah!!