Time to try this organization thang again …

Life is ultimately about change. This is no great revelation … a simple statement of observable fact. So why do I start my post with a statement of the obvious? Ultimately, because I need to start SOMEWHERE, and that is what worked for me. Yep, folks, I am once again ... Read More

A fresh canvas

As many have noticed (and I probably have said myself many times), I do not live a “traditional” life. I never have. Once, I would have said my life has been one adventure after another, with periods of stagnation of varying size in between. Others might view it differently, with me be anything from a ... Read More

My dastardly plan

It seems I finally decided on a new look for the blog. It is not THAT much different from the way it was, but a little brighter and maybe a little easier to read. So why did I randomly decide to change things? Well for one, this is the season of change. But it is ... Read More

What was I writing again?

In the few years I have been blogging, the whole concept of WHY I blog often settles in. Every time it happens, I end up having a dry period, wondering “What exactly is it I am doing here? What do I hope to accomplish?” I then wander around in circles ... Read More

Putting one foot in front of the other (for a change)

As part of my pursuit of a better me, I use Lumosity. Lumosity is a site devoted to exercising the brain. I have always believed keeping the brain strong is just as important as keeping the body healthy. Add to this the history in my family of brain related diseases ... Read More

A bit o' newness

I am trying something new. Trying something new is not actually new to me. A me that was was always trying something new … often so much that it is questionable if anything ever got old. More recent mes seem to have gotten mired in the old, and maybe even a little … frightened … ... Read More

Scraping off some mud

I have not blogged in a few weeks. I seem to have run out of things to say. Even with pictures. The last posts I did were prompted by Cheri Speak‘s Week of Words Challenge. I would like to think I rose to the challenge … the prompts were certainly thought-provoking. I guess it is ... Read More

Conquering mole hills, a Successful Saturday post

For the last week I have done a fairly successful job of completely ignoring the “real” world. Culminating in the last two days when I did it completely … I think I even managed to forget my name. As a result though, I did not actually make Thursday and Friday entries in the A Week ... Read More

Lifetime Guarantee, a Two-fer Tuesday post

Today’s prompt for the Week of Words Challenge is called Two-fer Tuesday. The challenge is to describe the most amazing deal we have ever gotten in the form of an ad. Me not being much of a materialist, this is a pretty tough challenge for me … partly because I try my best to avoid ... Read More

Day in the life, a Manic Monday Post

Being in a somewhat creative slump of late, I have been struggling to come up with things to blog about … despite a strong desire to blog about SOMETHING. With my herd of blogs (does 5 count as a herd?), that becomes even more challenging. However, recently, the world-renowned Cheri of Cheri Speak, a blogger ... Read More