And on the seventh day SHE rested …

Adam was designated by God as the shepherd of life, Eve was designated the bearer of new life. When Adam has cared effectively for all that is born to life, ~ when he is adequately doing his job ~ then, possibly, he might have a right to look to the job Eve is carrying out. ... Read More

Word power as it should be used

I recently made The Vow. This was a necessary step in my reawakening to a world that I have done my best to hide from in recent years. I am taking The Vow seriously, but I found that I am still lacking something. It is all well and good to devote myself to living MY life, but ... Read More

Symptoms vs Source

I have already posted my S post for today. Yet I have another thought that I need to run with, and it so happens that it too can fit in the S slot. So two for today. But even without the A to Z challenge I would write this. It seems several have been wondering “why ... Read More