Gnome Bureaucracy

Being the free spirit that I like to pretend that I am, I tend not to focus on such mundane things as calendars and clocks. The only watch I ever purposely bought and wore had an holographic image of an eye on the crystal. I had a juvenile pleasure in showing the eye whenever someone asked me the time. Despite my lack of any ... Read More

Does anyone remember how to think?

I have an IQ of somewhere around 146. To those who care about such things, that means I am on the lower end of the genius scale. I am not saying this to toot my horn, but to make a point. I am supposedly genius, which supposedly means “very smart”. So would it shock you ... Read More

Silly Steve

Once upon a time there was this idealistic guy named Steve. Steve was a guy who had this crazy notion that people should inherently trust each other; that how people acted was more important than how well they filled out paperwork or passed tests. He actually believed that a person who demonstrated skill with something should be allowed to ... Read More

The waves are becoming whitecaps….

Warning! Possibly depressing post! And definitely a long one. With no pictures. Good one to miss if you are in a lighthearted mood! My serenity is still disturbed. (Waves on my serenity) More pieces of the pattern keep appearing. More posts from others in the blogging world. A conversation I just had today with a new online acquaintance. TV ... Read More

A moment in the dark …

Been in hiding for a few days. I sometimes do that. Especially when I lose site of the positive. And sadly the negative seems to often come as a surrounding cloud, instead of a simple drop of rain. Usually when I hide away, I do a lot of thinking. About the world. About me. About ... Read More

Steve's Bachelor Kitchen

Ready made dessert: Step 1: Obtain suitable tupperware. Step 2: Go to the nearest Registry of Motor Vehicles. Step 3: Scoop up any wandering jello puddles. If none are immediately available, just wait patiently. Step 4: Chill before serving. “Huh?!” you wisely say. _____________________ A man walks into the Registry. Behind the desk is a ... Read More