Yep. I am lost again.

Yep. I don’t get it. I used to think I had a clue. But the more I wander through this thing we call life … the more that I realize how clueless I really am. Especially about people. Last I checked, I fall in the category of people, but sometimes I wonder if I am ... Read More


Once upon a time I had a lot to say. This of course was well before I started blogging, so I often waxed pathetic, poetic, pissed and occasionally practical with many a word to the ether, since I usually wrote or spoke to no one. Then I went all bloggy and suddenly I had plenty to say on all ... Read More

Real virtuality

I just wrote a tongue in cheek post about how silly Social Networking can be. And while I do laugh at it, I also find it very disturbing. It seems to me, that in our constant search to “improve” the human condition, we are actually straying further and further away from being human. The new ... Read More

Translation issues

As I sat down to write this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Adults, I was thinking, “It seems like I just wrote one of these! Did the week really go so fast?” But then I realized I DID just write one of these. It is amazing how fast time goes when you procrastinate. This weeks challenge ... Read More

Family of Strangers

Everyone craves stability. Even the most adventurous soul needs a solid support once in a while. Is it any wonder we often fear the unknown? It threatens our stability. One of my blogging friends touched on this in her recent post If You can’t Beat’em, Juggle. She is an amazing woman who struggles with mental illness as she wanders the ... Read More