Living vicariously

I have a very adventurous soul. Unfortunately these days it lives in a body that makes the average tortoise say “Dude why you walking so slow?” Adventure is to my current life as water is to a bucket with a hole in the bottom. So my only chance of a little excitement is to live vicariously through others, which ... Read More

I (yep “I”), myself, and me …

One of the dangers of blogging (to me myself anyway) … especially if one’s blogs are descriptions of personal journeys, is that the author risks stepping into self-absorption. While part of the reason for these blogs IS an exploration of self, they are also supposed to be a testament to life in all its glory ... Read More

A lesson written in stone

Now that I had a nice solid rant to clean the airways, I am well prepared for a bit o’ creating. Fortunately it is 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups time again, so creating is a given. This weeks prompt is actually the following picture. I hope I do the picture justice! Pygmalion stood up ... Read More