Time the Magician

We are a world divided. This takes no great insight to realize. One simply has to open their eyes and observe. Our world is riddled with question that either have no answer, or worse yet have multiple answers. The loudest and most stubborn among us are always sure that their answers are the right ones, even if ... Read More

In search of a proper meal

A problem with existential crises it that no matter how deeply you question, and what realization you may come to, the dilemma doesn’t simply go away until the soul is satisfied. It is like craving a flavor but not quite knowing what flavor it is you crave … so you just eat everything in sight until you find it ... Read More

Leap where?

Once again it is time for that most wondrous of creations … The 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. Technically, it was time yesterday, but it did not sound as impressive to say “Once again I missed the time for … etc.” This week’s challenge is another stimulating one. One hundred words focused on the ... Read More

Think for yourself

When I was in college, I attended several very important discussions brought on by recent disturbing events at the school. The discussions were lead by the deans, and had their selection of “experts”. The subject was date rape. At the time a fairly new concept, one not easily defined and considering the subject matter and ... Read More