Continued in curiosity

Continued in curiosity

As I have proceeded through this year’s challenge, I have started several stories that could easily be expanded upon. I may or may not do so, depending on my motivation level. However, yesterday I started another bit of fun that I already had some more to add to. Since today ... Read More
Devious Drawer

Devious Drawer

All abodes, from a simple tent to the greatest of castles, have at least one thing in common. No matter how organized the inhabitants, there will ALWAYS be a spot (maybe several) where things that can’t seem to find a place to belong will gather. In these spots, one will ... Read More


The boy known as Hawk neared his destination. He barely noticed how hard the climb had been in his excitement. He was almost there! Soon his new dream would be a reality! He once again marveled at the strange set of circumstances that lead to this moment. His luck had ... Read More

The Night Knight

The legends of the Hero of the Night were well known throughout the Kingdom of Trifling. The bards would sing of this hero to the joy of tavern crowds even in the most rustic village. Tales of his exploits were told around campfires for any who dared travel between the ... Read More


Bruce could not open his eyes. He willed his eyes to open, and nothing happened. He tried to lift his arm to rub his eyes, and nothing happened. He tried to shift position, with a similar lack of response. This refusal of his body to cooperate started a panic reaction. ... Read More

Xenophobe the Great … A Warrior's Tale

KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. Silence. KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. Sounds of movement. Sounds of objects shuffling. The distinct clinking of arms being readied is heard. A spy-hole opens and a deep, gravelly voice grumbles, “Go away.” “Sir, I am from ‘Warrior of Fortune’ Magazine. You agreed to an interview for this month’s ... Read More

The P.O.W.ER of the mind

Destiny has been on my mind lately. Does it exist? What actually IS it? Do we follow a path that has already been set before us? Or do we make it all up as we move along? These are questions many wrestle with. These questions are lately the core of ... Read More

Cat tales

I seem to finally have slipped back into creative mode. Especially in the last few days. First I had my recent video creation, and then I came up with my creative way of exercising for my upcoming adventure. It seems only appropriate to keep that creative mojo going, and return to the 100 Word Challenge ... Read More

Crazy centennial creation

I have not done a 100 Word Challenge for Grownups in a few weeks, which somehow seems sacrilegious. So that I don’t once again offend some god or other (I don’t need any more crazy mojo in my life at the moment) I decided to do this week’s. It so happens it is a milestone ... Read More