This past week was an oddly quick one. Considering my adventure today changing the house water filter, the prompt for this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups is eerily appropriate. The prompt is: …but where does the water go?… I am not quite sure where I will take it, ... Read More

Day in the life, a Manic Monday Post

Being in a somewhat creative slump of late, I have been struggling to come up with things to blog about … despite a strong desire to blog about SOMETHING. With my herd of blogs (does 5 count as a herd?), that becomes even more challenging. However, recently, the world-renowned Cheri of Cheri Speak, a blogger ... Read More

#atozchallenge: Kangaroos, Kites, Koalas, and Kraft

I got sidetracked the last couple of days, so am a tad late with K and L. But here I am, with a random word suggested by my creative niece for the K post. We are going to write this one together. Don’t know what me might come up with. Brace yourselves! Let us tell ... Read More

A future lesson (aka The Great Twister Massacre)

Since my posts of late have been a bit on the morose and whiney side, it seemed appropriate to slide the tongue back into the cheek for a bit. Fortunately today happens to be monday … or for the initiate … 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups day! Today’s prompt is actually a picture (you can see it at ... Read More

Making a difference (a short bit o' M)

Everyone wants their lives to make a difference. We all want to be remembered; to make our mark. The challenge is how to do it. Ultimately everything we do is with this in mind. Every once in a while, though, the opportunity to do just that is handed to us. Just recently I was asked ... Read More

A is for Arranged Adventure Again

I have been blogging for a couple of years now, but really started getting a tad noticed when I did last years April A to Z challenge. Not that I am actually anything like a known blogger. I just now have a few people occasionally reading my blog instead of one or ... Read More

Partying with a purpose!

Just a heads up for the few who actually look forward to what emerges from the collection of cells that I call a mind … I am going away for a few days. Which means … GASP … no more posts likely until next week. Of course since I am not notable for regular posting ... Read More