Hide and seek

It being Thanksgiving and all, I figured I would try one of those ‘These are the things I am thankful for’ posts. I settled into my thinking pose (which these days is usually going back to sleep), and started making a mental list. Sometime later (I lose all sense of time when I am ‘thinking’) ... Read More

Gratitude revisited … again (Go “G”)

A few weeks back, I wrote a couple of posts on gratitude. I started with a tongue in cheek post, but for a few reasons felt obliged to post a more serious one. Despite the fact that I think it was fairly well written, and I certainly meant what I said … it seems I ... Read More

Redefining “Gratitude” mark 2

I did not intend to write a post here today. But the universe works in mysterious ways, and here I am. I wrote a tongue-in-cheek bit on my other blog (which is kind of devoted to tongue-in-cheek) called Redefining “Gratitude”. Unfortunately it is far from deep and thought provoking as the title might imply. Little ... Read More

I am occupied giving thanks for Thanksgiving

It has dawned on me that I have not been purely creative in a while. At least not without some egging on like with the 100 Word Challenge. So I today I am trying to do a “poetic” ode to yesterday. Enter at your own risk! Sorry in advance for any painful liberties. T’was the day after ... Read More

Occupy Thanks, and giving too!

It is uncanny how often reading other people’s words inspire something within me. Actually this is both a testament to the power of words in general, but even more so to the writing skills of the bloggers I frequent. This particular thought was sparked by a poem from my sister, and a humorous piece on shopping woes, ... Read More