Now let me get this straight …

A list of Federally recognized holidays: New Year’s Day: we celebrate a random day in the middle of winter that doesn’t actually start anything except an arbitrary calendar by partying hard and having mega sales. Martin Luther King Jr Day: we honor a wise and good man by pretending racism is gone and having mega ... Read More

Just because I have cried wolf …

Today being April 1 … a monday, thus 100 Word Challenge for Adults day … All Fool’s Day to some, April Fool’s day to others but in both cases a day devoted to fools, and me being a master fool, a master of  100WCGU (in my mind anyway) and also a master of long complicated ... Read More

Wrapping trouble

A few years back, I borrowed ‘Twas the night before Christmas, read it, passed it through my own word grinder, and came up with a slightly different version that expressed something I wanted to say. Since then it has become a sort of seasonal habit for me to come up with some version. Technically it started a long time ... Read More

We have a clean canvas now. Grab your paint brush!

Now that the world has ended, I feel all fresh and rosy. It’s not everyday we get to create a whole new world! I already have my smock on, and have some bright new colors to start painting. I suppose some of us are waiting until the holidays are over. I know the whole apocalypse thing ... Read More

A shepherd's tale

My last few posts have been on the serious to sad side, so it is time for a bit o’ light hearted. Unfortunately due to some unexpected speed bumps on this weeks section of life’s highway, I am a tad late with the current 100 Word Challenge for Grownups. Finally I am at a point to sit down ... Read More

A birthday card … of sorts

Once upon a time (nine years ago today as a matter of fact) a magical flower was born. [youtube=] Happy Birthday Sarah!!

I am occupied giving thanks for Thanksgiving

It has dawned on me that I have not been purely creative in a while. At least not without some egging on like with the 100 Word Challenge. So I today I am trying to do a “poetic” ode to yesterday. Enter at your own risk! Sorry in advance for any painful liberties. T’was the day after ... Read More

Occupy Thanks, and giving too!

It is uncanny how often reading other people’s words inspire something within me. Actually this is both a testament to the power of words in general, but even more so to the writing skills of the bloggers I frequent. This particular thought was sparked by a poem from my sister, and a humorous piece on shopping woes, ... Read More

April Fool's Day Eve

Every significant world acknowledged holiday has its mascots. For example: Christmas: Santa, Frosty, Rudolph … to name the first few that pop into my mind. And oh yeah that Jesus fella (I apologize to any that this offends, but I could not resist). Easter: da bunny. St Patty’s Day: leprechauns. Valentine’s Day: Cupid. Halloween: Jack ... Read More