Time to fight fire with fire …

I have been struggling for some time now. Struggling with my increasing difficulty to find my place in a world that I lose more and more respect for every moment. I am an optimist. I believe … no KNOW in my heart that there is good in humanity. Coming from someone who ... Read More

Now that's just crazy

Been a while since I had a proper crazy idea, so it is no surprise to me that one suddenly snuck up on me and poked me in the shoulder today. The little guy seemed to want a lot of attention, so being the softhearted type that I am, I gave in and listened to ... Read More

You need to pay me to read this post!

It is an odd thing but I am finding more and more that when I post on all my blogs on the same day the themes of the posts, if not exactly the same, at east compliment each other.  Maybe it is not so odd since they originate in the same mind. This has not ... Read More