Yep. You are a bunch of asses.

Let’s talk about marriage folks. After all that is the new wave of nonsense that the moral minority has decided to cloud the air with. We all know who can be considered married and whether or not they can file their taxes jointly is MUCH more important than the fact that we are on the ... Read More

Eye of the beholder

I am tired. This is not new. I doesn’t help that I don’t exercise properly, or that I don’t eat right, or have a regular sleep schedule. But it is more than that. I m tired of living in a blind world; a world that chooses personal comfort over some one else’s suffering; a world that thrives on out of ... Read More

God made me do it

I looked in my Dad’s eyes yesterday, and saw a complete lack of recognition. He did not know who I was at all. For thousands of years, war has taken place over a tiny stretch of land. Millions upon millions have died over this tiny spot consisting largely of dessert. The current inhabitants only live there because no one ... Read More

Time to get controversial

I am about to step into no man’s land. The intent of this post is not to offend, but to question; to start thought; to point out the power and weakness that is words. I am going to look at a pretty well-known bit o’ words. One thing to note before I start. I am ... Read More

Land of the free?

Haven’t heard from friend Pete in a while, but as always when she speaks up she hits the nail on the head. I like her point, as well as the rather hilarious (and well written) letter she has pointed out. For the lack of anything useful to say myself today, I reposted this.

Word power as it should be used

I recently made The Vow. This was a necessary step in my reawakening to a world that I have done my best to hide from in recent years. I am taking The Vow seriously, but I found that I am still lacking something. It is all well and good to devote myself to living MY life, but ... Read More