A long overdue bit of randomness

Is “there is an exception to every rule” a rule? If so, is there an exception to “there is an exception to every rule”? That would mean there is a rule that has no exceptions. What rule could that be? It would almost have to be the rule that “there is an exception to every ... Read More

Saying goodbye

We buried my dad today. I think it was a good sendoff. My sister and I each wrote eulogies at my mother’s request. For those who know me yet never met my dad, or for those who simply want to meet  for a brief moment a wonderful man, here are my words, and you can find my ... Read More

Has anybody seen my haha?

I misplaced a little bit of me a few years back. Now as one can imagine, losing a bit of oneself can be awkward – depending of course on that bit that was lost. Losing a tooth might be awkward for the chewing department, but otherwise not so much of a difficulty. There might even ... Read More


I found a problem that couldn’t seem to be solved. It was time. Time, for others to be involved. I headed to the West, and found a new friend. “Do you, sir, have a hand to lend?” He smiled a smile and laughed a laugh. “What kind of problem do you have?” We set to ... Read More

Hide and seek

It being Thanksgiving and all, I figured I would try one of those ‘These are the things I am thankful for’ posts. I settled into my thinking pose (which these days is usually going back to sleep), and started making a mental list. Sometime later (I lose all sense of time when I am ‘thinking’) ... Read More

Domestic disturbance

I have to learn not to be so contrary. I seem to always do thinks backwards or the hard way. For instance, I often look for the twist in prompts for the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. When something seems somber I try for light-hearted (usually anyway) and such. This time we are expressly ... Read More

Silly poems can be fun to make!

I need to stretch my brain. As I embrace writing this book, my mind is absorbed not only by the words that need to actually relay the story, but the world that is slowly developing as the backdrop to the story. Even the simplest of stories has its background. So I post here and on my other ... Read More